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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Laravel Nginx Configuration
Create a Virtualhost in nginx for a Laravel site
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Date: 3 years ago
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#!/bin/bash # Reset Color_Off='\033[0m' # Text Reset # Regular Colors Black='\033[0;30m' # Black Red='\033[0;31m' # Red Green='\033[0;32m' # Green Yellow='\033[0;33m' # Yellow Blue='\033[0;34m' # Blue Purple='\033[0;35m' # Purple Cyan='\033[0;36m' # Cyan White='\033[0;37m' # White SERVER_ALIAS=$1; FOLDER_DIR=$(pwd) if [ "$SERVER_ALIAS" == "" ] then SERVER_ALIAS=$(echo "${PWD##*/}") fi check_host() { ip=$(grep $SERVER_ALIAS'.local' /etc/hosts | awk '{print $1}') if [ "$ip" != "" ] then sudo -- sh -c "echo $SERVER_ALIAS.local >> /etc/hosts" else printf "${Red}It is already defined in /etc/hosts, Do you want to continiue? Press [y/n]:${Color_Off}" read -p " " option if [ "$option" != "y" ] then printf "${Blue}Enter the host name:${Color_Off}" read -p " " SERVER_ALIAS check_host fi fi } # Checking the host in /etc/host file check_host cp $NGINX_EXAMPLE_FILE $NGINX_DEST$SERVER_ALIAS.conf sed -i '' "s/SERVER_ALIAS/$SERVER_ALIAS.local/" $NGINX_DEST$SERVER_ALIAS.conf sed -i '' "s#FOLDER_DIR#$FOLDER_DIR#" $NGINX_DEST$SERVER_ALIAS.conf port=$(cat $NGINX_DEST$SERVER_ALIAS.conf | grep 'listen ' | awk '{print $2}') port=$(echo $port | sed 's/.$//') nginx -s reload echo -e "${Yellow}Application is running at http://$SERVER_ALIAS.local:$port${Color_Off}"