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File: docs/changelog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Documentation
Class: wgTeams
Module for the XOOPS CMS to present people teams
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Date: 2 years ago
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<h5>1.10 Final</h5> [2020/07/03]
 - moved to final (goffy)
 - default value for new relation 999 to show them at the end of the list (goffy)
<h5>1.10 RC1</h5> [2020/02/09]
 - added maintenance / cleaning unused images (goffy)
 - fixed bug with mimetype when cropping image (goffy)
 - added maintenance / check space (goffy)

<h5>1.09 RC4</h5> [2019/09/17]
 - added option to resize image during upload or not (goffy)
 - added new block style 'list' (goffy)
 - added filter team in admin/relations (goffy)
 - added info about conditions for image upload (goffy)
 - fixed missing check of allowed resolution (goffy)
<h5>1.09 RC3</h5> [2019/09/17]
 - fixed bug image editor (goffy) 
 - new preference for default size image editor (goffy)
 - new preference for show/hide copyright (goffy)
 - fixed bug with upload very big jpg images (goffy)
 - fixed bug with cropping images (goffy)
<h5>1.09 RC2</h5> [2019/04/09]
 - fixed bug in block templates (goffy)
 - added few options to teams block (goffy)
 - added bootstrap card style to teams block (goffy) 
<h5>1.09 RC1</h5> [2019/04/09]
 - moved to RC1 (goffy)
 - cosmetics for image editor (goffy)
 - fixed bug with id in image editor (goffy)
 - fixed bug with non show member title (goffy)
 - new preference "wgteams_showteamname" (goffy)
 - new preference "wgteams_labels_member" (replace "wgteams_labels") (goffy)
 - new preference "wgteams_labels_infofields" (goffy)

<h5>1.09 Beta</h5> [NOT RELEASED]
 - added namespaces (mamba)
 - added test data option (goffy)
 - fix Helper's getHandler() (mamba)
 - fix problem with missing member image (goffy)
 - add image editor for grid creation/cropping images (goffy)
 - code cleaning (mamba)

<h5>1.08 final</h5> [2018/06/14]
 - final (goffy)

<h5>1.08 RC5</h5> [2017/12/17]
 - cosmetics (goffy)
 - added maintenance of tables when updating (goffy)
 - cosmetics (mamba)
 - Array short syntax (mamba)
 - Unnecessary double quotes (mamba)
 - Yoda (mamba)
 - Avoid callables in loop conditionals (mamba)
 - PHPDoc comment matches function/method signature  (mamba)

<h5>1.08 RC4</h5> [2016/11/25]
 - added class truncateHTML (Mamba, Lucio/goffy)

<h5>1.08 RC3</h5> [2016/10/09]
 - fixed bug: drag&drop ordering of teams (goffy)

<h5>1.08 RC1</h5> [2016/08/19]
 - added drag&drop ordering of teams/relations (goffy)
 - fixed bug: deleting relations when deleting team (goffy)
 - fixed bug: deleting relations when deleting member (goffy)

<h5>1.07 RC3</h5> [2016/08/09]
 - fixed multiple defines of XOOPS_ICONS32_PATH/XOOPS_ICONS32_URL (goffy)

<h5>1.07 RC2</h5> [NOT RELEASED]
 - cosmetics (mamba)
 - Unnecessary double quotes (mamba)
 - reference mismatch (mamba)
 - Hardening to type safe (mamba)
 - compatibility with parent functions (mamba)
 - phpDocs fixes (mamba)
 - '<br />'' to '<br>' (mamba)
 - standardization on getInstance function (mamba)
 - replace 'or' with '||' (mamba)
 - added definition for _AM_WGTEAMS_MAX_FILESIZE (mamba)
 - Missing semicolon (mamba)
 - Redundant measure unit (mamba)
 - fixed bug when using html code (goffy)

<h5>1.07</h5> [2016/03/16]
 - fixed bug in member_list.tpl (goffy)

<h5>1.06</h5> [2016/02/23]
 - added config 'showbreadcrumbs' (goffy)
 - cosmeticts (mamba)

<h5>1.05</h5> [2016/01/31]
 - added config 'show labels' (goffy)

<h5>1.04</h5> [2016/01/31]
 - fixed bug with config wgteams_img_maxsize/wgteams_img_mimetypes (goffy)
 - added label with wgteams_img_maxsize to form teams/members (goffy)
 - fixed bug with none show email (goffy)
 - added quick link to set team on or offline (goffy)

<h5>1.03 Beta 1</h5> [2016/01/21]
 - added editor selection for textboxes (mamba/goffy)
 - added config for image size (goffy)
 - added deleting image of member when deleting the member (mamba/goffy)
 - added deleting image of team when deleting the team (mamba/goffy)
 - changed tablename persons to members (mamba/goffy)
 - added block for team list (goffy)
 - added config for type of index page (goffy)

<h5>1.02</h5> [2016/01/21]
 - fix wrong upload path for team image (mamba/goffy)
 - fixed various bugs

<h5>1.01</h5> [2015/12/27]
 - Original release wgteams (Goffy -
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