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File: .phan/config.php

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File: .phan/config.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: Uncomplicated PHP XML Builder
Create or manipulate XML documents
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Date: 2 years ago
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 * This configuration will be read and overlaid on top of the
 * default configuration. Command-line arguments will be applied
 * after this file is read.
return [
// Supported values: `'5.6'`, `'7.0'`, `'7.1'`, `'7.2'`, `'7.3'`,
    // `'7.4'`, `null`.
    // If this is set to `null`,
    // then Phan assumes the PHP version which is closest to the minor version
    // of the php executable used to execute Phan.
    // Note that the **only** effect of choosing `'5.6'` is to infer
    // that functions removed in php 7.0 exist.
    // (See `backward_compatibility_checks` for additional options)
    // TODO: Set this.
'target_php_version' => null,

// A list of directories that should be parsed for class and
    // method information. After excluding the directories
    // defined in exclude_analysis_directory_list, the remaining
    // files will be statically analyzed for errors.
    // Thus, both first-party and third-party code being used by
    // your application should be included in this list.
'directory_list' => [

// A regex used to match every file name that you want to
    // exclude from parsing. Actual value will exclude every
    // "test", "tests", "Test" and "Tests" folders found in
    // "vendor/" directory.
'exclude_file_regex' => '@^vendor/.*/(tests?|Tests?)/@',

// A directory list that defines files that will be excluded
    // from static analysis, but whose class and method
    // information should be included.
    // Generally, you'll want to include the directories for
    // third-party code (such as "vendor/") in this list.
    // n.b.: If you'd like to parse but not analyze 3rd
    // party code, directories containing that code
    // should be added to both the `directory_list`
    // and `exclude_analysis_directory_list` arrays.
'exclude_analysis_directory_list' => [

// Set to true in order to attempt to detect unused variables.
    // `dead_code_detection` will also enable unused variable detection.
    // This has a few known false positives, e.g. for loops or branches.
'unused_variable_detection' => true,

// If enabled, warn about throw statement where the exception types
    // are not documented in the PHPDoc of functions, methods, and closures.
'warn_about_undocumented_throw_statements' => true,

// If enabled (and warn_about_undocumented_throw_statements is enabled),
    // warn about function/closure/method calls that have (at)throws
    // without the invoking method documenting that exception.
'warn_about_undocumented_exceptions_thrown_by_invoked_functions' => true,

// A list of plugin files to execute
    // NOTE: values can be the base name without the extension for plugins bundled with Phan (E.g. 'AlwaysReturnPlugin')
    // or relative/absolute paths to the plugin (Relative to the project root).
'plugins' => [